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Right Now the FXjake Personal Trading Program is On SALE

What is the FXjake Personal Trading Program?

Hello Trader! This is Walter Peters here from FXjake - so glad that you have found this little corner of the internet. FXjake is all about forex trading and right now I am offering a special opportunity. I work with students from time to time - I reveal my forex trading systems, methods for exiting trades, how to improve your trading, money management techniques and psychological exercises.

The one on one trading program that is now on sale used to be too expensive for most traders the $250/month tuition fee is often too much for many forext traders I have heard from. So, for a little while I have decided to put the forex training course on sale, now you will be able to join for a small one-time fee.

This sale will not last, only the first few traders who sign up for the discounted training course will get the discount, as I want to concentrate on a small number of students. Much of my time is spent writing about forex trading, speaking at trading organizations and conferences, and trading for a private fund, so I simply will not have time to help a large number of forex traders - I will keep the group small.

WHAT IS THE FXJAKE PERSONAL TRADING PROGRAM??? This is how the completely redesigned training course works - there are over 50 lessons. First we cover the basics, so if you are unfamiliar with forex trading you can get up to speed.

Next, you will take a TRADER PSYCHOLOGY TEST - as a Psychologist I am keenly aware of the interaction between personality and a trader's emotions, and this is why I have designed a test to help point you in the right direction. The test will help you to understand your view of the markets, so you know which trading systems are best for you.

Next we will cover everyone's favorite - the TRADING SYSTEMS, where you will get a chance to personally test PROFITABLE trading systems. I have 13 trading systems in the training program currently, but I do sometimes add more systems to the program as I develop new ones. We will also cover exit strategies - these are cool because you can take any of the exit strategies you learn in the program and marry it to one of the 13 trading systems and Voila! - you have a new trading system.

After exit strategies we will cover money management techniques, which I think is probably the most interesting and important part of the training program. In particular, I believe that when you learn how to apply a money management technique that allows you to ALWAYS MAKE MORE MONEY ON YOUR WINNING trades than your losing trades you will see that your trading profits will, quite literally, explode. It always bums me out when someone makes 20 pips, then loses 30 pips, then makes 60 pips, then loses 40 pips, it just seeems as though most traders never really get ahead. By using the money management techniques in the training program you will be guaranteed to make much more $ on your winning trades and lose much less money on your losing trades (and it is not simply because your profit target is far, far away and your stoploss is very near your entry).

The money management component of the trading also helps you to project your trading results into the future...... how much money will you make over the next three months? Will you achieve your goals with your chosen trading system? How large must your account be before you can quit your job and trade forex full-time? All of these issues are covered in the Money Management part of the forex training program.

Finally, the last part of the training involves the PSYCHOLOGICAL EXERCISES - these are so cool, and really unlike anything else that is out there. These are 12 specific exercises that you use to CREATE TRADING SKILLS - consistent, profitable trading is basically like any other skill (learning to putt a golf ball, make an animal balloon, bake a souffle, iron a shirt, juggle three tennis balls, you get the idea), but consistent, profitable trading is - for most people (including myself) - totally unnatural. These Psychological Exercises are a great way for you to learn profitable trading skills. In fact, I believe most traders could simply complete these exercises and become consistent, profitable forex traders.

The FXjake "personal trading" program never expires - so you can remain in the program for as long as you want. Some traders will complete the 52 lessons in 52 days, some traders will take 52 weeks, others will take a few months, it is completely up to you.

The training program is for traders who want to GO PRO. I hear from a lot of traders around the globe, and most traders simply want to become a professional trader. I will help you to achieve that goal. There are very specific steps for you to take on your way to becoming a full-time forex trader, and they are all outlined in the trading course.

It saddens me when aspiring forex traders get their hopes up on the newest forex robot, or best-selling trading book, or seminar. All of these things may help you on your journey, but having a mentor to bounce ideas off of is so much more helpful. I want to help you - all my students get my email address, Skype and phone number so that you can reach me. I will work with you until you have arrived at your goal - whatever it may be.

All students get the FXjake Trading Signals for free. That in itself is pretty cool, but you will not only receive the email updates on the trades, but you will also know WHY WE ARE TAKING THESE TRADES. FXjake personal trading students get to see the charts and videos on each trade - before, during and after the trade. Not only that, but you will make more $ than the signals subscribers who are not FXjake personal trading students....... because you will learn how I use money management techniques to ensure that my winning trades are always much larger than my losing trades you will make the most out of every winning pip in the FXjake signals.

HOW IS THE TRAINING DELIVERED? Videos are an important part of the training program. I think that videos will help you to see how the trading systems work, not only how the FXjake signals unfold in real time, but videos help you to become a better trader. I also use ebooks in the training - there are over 10 ebooks in the training. These are a reference for the many concepts that we cover. You will also be invited to all of the webinars that I do on the internet for free.

I am also there for you during the training. I will be available to help you - you can email me charts, we can go over the various concepts as you learn them. My goal is for you to get through the program and come out on the other side a very competent, consistent and profitable trader. Trading can be a lonely existence, it is my hope that by joining the personal trading program you can FIND YOUR WAY TO PROFITS. We have all been through losing streaks, depressing times, constantly switching trading systems..... I really wish that I had a mentor, someone like myself, years ago when I began trading. It would have saved my years of losing money and many failed forex accounts.

Another important thing is that THE TRAINING NEVER EXPIRES, you will always have access to the updated charts and training materials, the videos and the webinars. Another reason why getting in at this cheap price NOW is a good idea.

The FXjake Personal Trading Program is now on sale - reduced from $2988 right now is a one-time price of only $987.

If you subscribe now you can lock in this $987 rate -
there are only 8 spaces left - once these slots fill up the Personal Trading Program will no longer be available. I am going to concentrate on the traders in the program, so if you want to join us now is the time to start trading for Naked Profits.

This forex training program will only be on sale this week only, once we are full I will not have any more students in the program. The $987 tuition is probably too cheap for this training program, so sign up now to start your journey toward consistent, profitable forex trading.

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Questions about the FXjake Personal Trading Program?
Email me at [email protected]

Apologies in advance if I do not respond quickly,
as I am getting quite a few emails about this offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the training materials?

Every student receives a password to the FXjake personal trading website. The videos, charts, ebooks and all of the 52 lessons are on the website. Additionally you will probably send me questions about specific parts of the program as you work through the training materials, which is expected.

How long will the training take?

It really doesn't matter. Some traders will work through all 52 lessons in a month or two, other traders will take years. I am going to be here for you when you have questions, your training will never "expire" even if you do pay the discounted tuition price.

What have others said about the training?

I can send you testimonials from other traders, if you are interested simply email me at a [email protected]

Are the trading systems complicated?

I believe that simple trading systems are better for 1) learning how to trade profitably, 2) fostering trading "intuition" or "expertise" and, 3) accelerating your learning curve as a trader.

All 13 systems in the training program are simple and straightforward. You will be able to learn each system easily and be off and running. In addition, I show you how to determine if each trading system is right for your "trading personality." You will have the opportunity to "date" each trading system and see if you are a good match for the system.

What do I get from the training?

You receive three Excel spreadseets, 15 ebooks only available to FXjake students, a forex manual and access to the 52 lessons. Additionally you will have the 52 lessons, the updated trade videos and charts as they relate to the FXjake signal trades, as they occur.

How do I know you are the real deal??

Well, you don't. But I do trade for a private fund - The DTS Fund, I write trading articles at Trading Markets, frequently do webinars at FXstreet.com, have written a book on forex trading, and you can see my trades from the past several months here.

I have more questions, can I email you?

Absolutely, email me at [email protected] however, please note that it may take some time for me to respond, as I am getting many emails about this special offer at the moment, but I will respond to emails in the order that they are received.

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