Los Angeles Trading Seminar

June 6-7, 2009

Abe Cofnas

Abe Cofnas

Abe is an experienced trader with over twenty years as an equity broker, futures trader and technical analysis instructor. Abe has authored numerous trading books including The Forex Trading Course and The Forex Options Course and has been writing his "Forex Trader" column in Futures magazine since 2001. Abe has presented seminars and offered instruction to traders in several continents and has had guest appearances on CNBC Arabia, Forex Traders Expo, Weiss Research, Inc and The Money Show.

What you will learn from Abe Cofnas

Fundamental Analysis - How to use news and fundamental market data in your trading. Abe is THE expert when it comes to forex fundamental analysis. Want proof? Take a look at Abe's recent call on the AUDUSD, this trade alone would have made you over 800 pips.

Exit Strategy - A very efficient way to exit your trades. Exits will often make the difference between a good trade and a really good trade. All traders may benefit from hearing what Abe has to say about this exit strategy.

Dr. Walter Peters

Dr. Walter Peters

Dr. Peters is a psychologist who has been actively trading forex for eight years. Dr. Peters is the co-founder of FXjake, an educational resource center for traders. Additionally, Dr. Peters is frequently writes trading articles for Yahoo Finance, TradingMarkets.com and TradersChoiceFX.com. Dr. Peters has a keen interest in trading psychology and simple trading methods.

What you will learn from Dr. Walter Peters

Naked Trading - Dr. Peters will show you why he trades naked - without indicators, and will demonstrate the freedom and simplicity that naked trading systems provide.

Naked Trading Strategies - These are the exact same trading strategies that Dr. Peters uses to make $92 dollars for every dollar lost - that's right, Dr. Peters' trading strategy has a profit factor of 92. If you have ever wondered if it is possible to find SIMPLE high probability trade setups, trading setups that will make money more often than they will not, then this trading course is for you. Dr. Peters uses this trading strategy to a win rate rate of nearly 90% !!! All of this is verified here. These techniques may be used in conjunction with traditional trading methods, or they may be traded as a stand-alone trading system. You will get to test these trading strategies for yourself to verify that they work.

Ashkan Bolour

Ashkan Bolour

Ashkan is a veteran forex trader and private fund manager. Ashkan traded equities and options before settling on forex ten years ago. Ashkan was featured in the best-selling trading book Millionaire Traders. Ashkan has served as a mentor for traders in the United States and in Asia.

What you will learn from Ashkan Bolour

High Probability Trades - Ashkan will show you the exact trading method that he uses to enter into high probability trade setups. This is an excellent opportunity to see for yourself how a stellar forex trader makes consistent profits in the forex markets. How often will you cross paths with a Millionaire Trader? This is an ideal opportunity to learn from the very best of the best, these opportunities do not come around often.

Additional Training After the Seminar

Webinars - After the seminar we will offer three additional webinars so that you can see the trading strategies from the seminar in action. You may watch your favorite technique in action and see how trades unfold during live market action.

Personalized Coaching - Each person who attends this seminar will receive two additional 30 minute coaching sessions. This is an ideal way to put into practice the methods you will learn at the seminar. If you have issues or questions about the trading methods, or your particular style of trading, these sessions may definitely help you to fine tune your trading.

Cost: $1799

Cost for the first five attendees: $1199

(The cost will increase by $100 for next five attendees to $1299, and the next five attendees will pay $1399, etc. Until sold out, and this seminar WILL sell out.)

Receive $500 for each friend that attends the seminar with you. Send questions to [email protected]

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